“Changing Myself, My church, situations and Things Through Fervent Prayer”

Our aim is to be a house of prayer where the awesome power of God is displayed, where miracles, manifestations of the God kind are common place. To put on the whole armour of God and use all the weapons in our spiritual armoury to fight against all principalities, powers and rulers of darkness.

To engage and involve all our members in intercessory prayer. To encourage all our members to have a active prayer lifestyle and to go through deliverance


People In Church


Our aim is to build a dedicated, committed & Spirit-led Worship team through prayer, fasting, reading of the Word & regular practice sessions.  

To give honour firstly to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. To live under the annointing, listen and be obedient to the leading of the Holy spirit. To lead and encourage God's people into spontaneous & extravagant worship.
To contribute to the spiritual & numerical growth of Faith & Hope Ministries. To open appetites – make hungry for the Word. To make ready the hearts of fellow believers for the seed of the Word. 

Happy Family


Our aim is to teach, nurture, motivate and train youths to become true disciples and worshippers of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And to release them into their chosen area of ministry. 

We plan to organise and implement activities that would minister to the needs of the

young people e.g. spiritual, physical, emotional etc. Activities include: Creative worship, Drama, Dance, Art & Craft, Music, Talent Explosions, Bible Study and other Social events. 

The youths will have a heart to love and serve God; to respect, read, study, teach and

share God’s word and to develop a lifestyle of prayer and fasting. To actively engage

other people to come into a relationship with Jesus and to serve in his kingdom. Focus: Youths reaching other youths for Christ (Youth Evangelism)


Holy bible detail


To see all children within the local church experience Salvation and be Holy Ghost filled. To work with and teach the children aged between 4-12yrs to develop their knowledge of the Word and enable them to apply the Word in their lives. 

To enable the children to be living witnesses of what God has done for them and accomplish God’s plan for their lives We have started using puppets in the children’s ministry. We believe this will help to fulfill the vision we have for this ministry.



This club/ministry is for spiritual encouragement for the saved and unsaved visitors, and the congregation of the church. We want unity in all that we do, sharing the Good News, giving praise and glory to our Lord God through dance.

Our vision is that people from different backgrounds, ages and abilities to come together as one, ministering in Jesus’ name. To set ablaze the atmosphere. To see the will of God take precedence in our lives, that like David we may dance before our Maker.



The Church - Faith and Hope Ministries is committed to the development of Men's Ministries relevant to the needs of today's men.

Detailed below is our vision, purpose, aims, and objectives for the



A Vital, Vibrant, Life changing Men's Ministry in every local church.



To raise up a new breed of Christian Men who will be able to live and move in full demonstration and manifestation of the glory of
God, bringing life changing values which will impact the church,
community, and family.



To continuously train and equip men for effective ministry in
leadership, relationships, responsibility, and accountability, enabling
stability in families, church, and community.



  • To enable church wide acceptance of Men's Ministry.

  • To develop broad guidelines for initiating local Men's Ministries.

  • To encourage men to become actively involved in sincere ongoing prayer.

  • To enable men to become godly mentors to the young and impressionable.

  • To network with Men's Ministries in other fellowships.

  • To locate and recommend appropriate resources.

  • To love, cherish, nurture and affirm our wives and children.

  • To be sincere in our worship and praise to God and stand on the authority of His word.